Dear Residents of Pleasant Hill,

The Beautification Committee of the Pleasant Hill Village Council would like to initiate the planting of Trees on Monument and Main Street, aka: Planting of Trees - 2016.

A number of properties on Monument and Main Street have been selected to have a tree(s), planted by Chaney’s Nursery.  The location of the trees have been identified by a stake and black ribbon. At the property owner’s request, the location may possibly be changed.  

Planting of Trees – 2016 will commence the second week of November and are guaranteed to leaf & bloom in the spring of 2017.  There will be ‘NO COST” to the property owner.

Thanks for your time, the Beautification Committee is working to enhance the Village’s appearance for years to come.

Please contact a Council Member or visit the website ( with comments/questions.


Chaney's Nursery completed the Planting of Trees - 2016, last weekend.